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How to complete the construction and decoration requirements of the indoor golf driving range?

Mar 24, 2020
About cushion decoration
1. Ground requirements
The ground must be flat, and use a 50px thick plank to make a wooden keel bracket on the cement floor.

2. Regarding curtain installation, our company adopts professional seamless anti-playing curtain ring to simulate golf.

3.The production and protection of the soft bag should be aligned with the seams between each soft bag. Do not use hard beads at the seams. Keep the natural right angle of the sponge block at the seam.

4. Production and attention
Use universal glue to glue the sponge to the 9 cm board. The dimensions of the sponge and the nine-centimeter board are the same as the dimensions of the finished sponge board. Use a special soft cloth (preferably dark sound-absorbing cloth) to make the sponge board into a soft piece. Tighten (to keep the soft bag soft and have a suction effect) to ensure that the corners of the sponge block are at right angles. Finally, use gun nails to fix the packaged flexible packaging block through the flexible packaging block to the bottom wall (when nailing, you can first nail a few nails between the two flexible packagings to fix and fix them, and then pass through the flexible packaging block only a few can be used Nails to reinforce the soft block).
Soft cushion function: It has sound absorption, light absorption, suction and cushioning functions.
indoor golf simulator room construction
5. Power location and circuit control
For the projector, a power outlet is required in the installation area. Set the power switch to control each device separately, including indoor air conditioners or ventilation fans, and make clear marks. Place the switch in a convenient location near the computer console. Note: Do not install air conditioners or ventilation fans with rotating metal blades directly in or outside the protective area in front of the percussion screen. There is no need to install smoke detectors, sprinklers and other fire prevention facilities in the flexible packaging area.
The data cable must connect the computer to the projector (two 10m VGA cables) and keep the wall in the projection bracket.

6. Size requirements

The standard size of a single screen is 4 meters (width) × 3 meters (height) × 6 meters (length). The standard size of the ring screen is 7 meters (width) × 3 meters (height) × 6 meters (length) for notes; the minimum height cannot be less than 2.7 meters.

About ground construction requirements
Standard requirements for the special field of installation of the whole machine (6m long × 4m wide × 3m high)

(1) Preliminary requirements of the venue:
1. Clean up the site;
2. Level the ground;
3. The unevenness of the ground before installation does not exceed 10MM;

indoor golf simulator room construction
(2) On-site installation requirements:
1. Positioning: The golf room must satisfy the customer's hitting comfort as much as possible on the premise of ensuring satisfactory performance;
2. The space is as large as possible, spacious, and reasonable layout;
3. Install infrared detection system and non-fixed-point infrared electronic capture system;
4. It not only ensures a reasonable distance between the screen and the rear wall, but also ensures the largest front of the screen;
5. Ensure that the vision is maximized when entering the goal or hitting the ball;
6. Install the projector hanger to ensure it is centered on the infrared system and has a moderate projection area. When assembling the veneer, use a level to adjust the verticality of the veneer.
7. The installation of the platform, reasonable drawing boards and wooden boards are fixed with professional fixed codes;
8. The interior of the anti-collision board is decorated with professional soft packaging to prevent beginners from hitting the ball.
9. The surface of the simulator is covered with professional golf green turf;

(3) Screen performance and installation:
1. The screen is made of high-density PET fiber, which has strong durability and wind resistance;
2. On the back of the anti-collision board, fix the screen fixing frame;
3. After constructing the fixing frame, start to fix the screen with the screen tensioner.

(4) Equipment installation:
Install the pad on the reserved floor; simple operation and accurate detection

indoor golf simulator room construction

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