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About Golf Tee

Mar 31, 2021
Golf Tee are used to support and elevate the golf ball,maintain the balance of the golf ball on the grass,and prevent the golf ball from rolling around.
There are many materials used in golf studs,including bamboo, wood, plastic and so on.Bamboo uses moso bamboo as the main raw material, wood uses hemp, maple or birch as raw materials, and plastic uses ABS, PLA.PE as raw materials.
Length specifications: 3.5/3.8/4.2/4.8/5.4/6.0/7.0/8.0/8.3cm or 1-3/8",1-5/8",2-1/8",2- 3/8``, 2-3/4'', 3-1/4'' various specifications.
Golfing is a sport with special charm. It is an activity for people to exercise, cultivate their sentiments, and improve their skills in a natural and elegant natural green environment.
Golf bamboo Tee are made of high-quality moso bamboo. and processed through dozens of processes such as mothproofing, anti-static, and waterproofing. This kind of ball nail has the advantages of high surface finish, high strength, good hand feeling, not easy to deform, bamboo grain, clear head and surface pattern, natural color and luster, anti-moth, no mold, etc. It is completely pollution-free green spikes.
The feel of the Wooden Tee is actually very good, but it is too easy to break, and it is very troublesome. You always have to carry a lot of it in the bag every time; when it breaks, if there is no trash can beside the tee, it is not easy to find a place to throw it.

However, most professional golfers choose to use wooden Tee, because wooden studs have less friction than plastic studs, the ball trajectory is stable, and the damage to the club is relatively small. The wooden nails are made of natural solid wood, which does not pollute the stadium environment. Some courts have regulations for the use of wooden spikes, because plastic spikes will damage the blades of the lawn mower if they are lost on the court, and increase the cost of maintenance of the court. The texture of wooden spikes is closer to nature, and it is the best choice for every professional golfer and golf enthusiast.

Golf plastic tee, thicker and stronger, just feels like a green onion is too thick, and it will hurt the club face to some extent, and will weaken the hitting power, and will leave on the green after breaking, which will cause damage to the blade of the lawnmower. Damage, increase the ball will maintain the cost. The plastic tee given by the caddy at the end of the game is generally thin, and it is easy to break several times and is too brittle.

Varieties: Picture TEE, Crown TEE, Brush TEE, Spring TEE, and other types of TEE.

Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Golf Tees

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